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Booster Pump Quotation

From:Booster Pump     Release time:2018-07-18

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Booster Pump Quotation

Most of the thrust pumps in the braking system of wheel loader are gas-propelled oil booster

Improvement of the booster pump

Oil at the bottom of the cup, there are two oil hole, respectively to the front end of the hydraulic cylinder piston and central oil cavity, so when the hydraulic cylinder piston cylinder piston push forward movement, both holes and central hydraulic cylinder piston oil inlet cavity are interlinked, due to the oil cavity before starting the job has been filled with the brake fluid, and the oil cavity and without volume change at work, so the hydraulic cylinder piston movement outside the two holes, won't cause the brake fluid flip up and down inside the oil cup, as a result, won't produce bubbles.

When the piston of the hydraulic cylinder moves between two holes, the volume of the oil chamber will change slightly, which will cause the oil surface in the oil cup to fluctuate slightly. At the same time, the oil cup is changed into a sealing structure to prevent the dust in the air from entering the oil, effectively maintaining the cleanliness of the brake fluid. The test results show that the replacement period of brake fluid is twice longer than that of the original booster pump.

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