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No humming noise

Electrical connection defect Pressure switch motor Check the connection  Press the manual override switch several times, if the appliance starts running check the electrical connection of the pressure switch and the pressure switch line (see method)Pressing the manual override switch has no effect. Check the motor.

Runs continually

Verticaldischarge without check valve Check valve defect Pressure switch defect , Install the check valve  Check the valve Check the pressure switch

Emits a humming noise but does not discharge the waste

Pump blocked,Check valve installed the wrong way round Check the pump,Reinstall the right way round

Start running and discharging accidentally

Check valve defect Leak in the flushing tank that causes water to flow into the waste pump for toilet and sets it running intermittently,Check the valve Repair the leak

Is not powerful enough or too slow to discharge the waste

Discharge pipes too long or too high,Discharge pipe diameter too small,Partial blockage Recalibrate the pipes,Recalibrate the pipes Actuate the pump with the manual override switch. If the problem persists, the pump must be blocked check the pump

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