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Broyeur HOMAC 100

macerator pump toilet systems.macerator pump toilet.macerator pump for basement bathroom.bathroom anywhere macerator pump 120 volt.sewage macerator pump systems.bathroom anywhere macerator pump. The HOMAC 100 macerator pump toilet enables you to install a complete 3-bathroom where conventional drainage would be impossible or too expensive to consider. The system is fully automatic. It have 1 toilet connector (100mm) , 2 inlets (40mm) and 1 outlet (40mm). Max water temperature: 90’C.

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macerator pump toilet systems

macerator pump toilet systemsmacerator pump toilet systems


HOMAC 100 enables you to install a complete 3-bathroom where conventional drainage would be impossible or too expensive to consider. Gives you unequalled performance and total flexibility of installation. The system is fully automatic. It have 1 toilet connector (100mm) , 2 inlets (40mm) and 1 outlet (40mm). Max water temperature: 90’C.


·can using Max 90'C water
·3 inlets + 1 outlet
·with cutting system


CARTON SIZE: 77x45x35.5CM / 1PCS
GW/NW: 26/23KGS

Watts (Consumption)


Electrical Supply


Flow Rate at Max Head


Water Temperature

1~90 ℃

Motor RPM


Horizontal Discharge

90 Meters

Vertical Discharge

9 Meters

Inlet Pipe


Discharge Pipe


IP RatingIPX4

macerator pump toilet systems

Ningbo Jiangbei HongJie mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd(HOMAC PRODUCTS LIMITED) is a leader company which concentrates on producing and selling macerator pump. macerator pump for basement bathroom The company wins a good reputation by the honest and professional spirit and many outstanding skilled staff, and it also cooperates with famous distributors around the world, gives domestic customers with high quality of products, competitive price and perfect services. The company not only has integrated research systems, but also develops good external relationships in the research fields.

The company only produce macerator pump more than 14 years and export to most countries. Developed into the biggest macerator pump factory in China and have more than 30 items. The whole asset of the company is nearly USD 8,000,000. More than one hundred staffs work in the company.

The company is located in the Jiangbei district, Ningbo, Zhejiang province. It is besides by the Jiangbei Industrial park, joined with Hangzhou Bay Bridge to the west extended direction, near the Xiao-Yong speedway, 329 national highway and 34 province highway. Ningbo northern train station and bulk cargo working area are also located there. The traffic there is very conveniently because it is closed to the Lishe Airport, Hang-Yong speedway and Beilun Seaport.

The company holds the tenet with “Technology First, Quality First, and Customers First”, concentrates on the development of own brand(HOMAC), modern management, and favorable services to satisfy customers, then build an excellent selling team and a professional researching team of the company. The products are widely distributed into more than ten large cities and provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Fujian, Guangdong, Nanjing, Chongqing, Dalian, Hunan, Kunming etc.

The company will give customers the best services and high quality products.

Looking forward your business negotiation

  • No humming noise

    Electrical connection defect Pressure switch motor Check the connection  Press the manual override switch several times, if the appliance starts running check the electrical connection of the pressure switch and the pressure switch line (see method)Pressing the manual override switch has no effect. Check the motor.

  • Runs continually

    Verticaldischarge without check valve Check valve defect Pressure switch defect , Install the check valve  Check the valve Check the pressure switch

  • Start running and discharging accidentally

    Check valve defect Leak in the flushing tank that causes water to flow into the waste pump for toilet and sets it running intermittently,Check the valve Repair the leak

  • Emits a humming noise but does not discharge the waste

    Pump blocked,Check valve installed the wrong way round Check the pump,Reinstall the right way round

  • Is not powerful enough or too slow to discharge the waste

    Discharge pipes too long or too high,Discharge pipe diameter too small,Partial blockage Recalibrate the pipes,Recalibrate the pipes Actuate the pump with the manual override switch. If the problem persists, the pump must be blocked check the pump

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